Group: ANFF
Name Description
2_Glove_Box Inert Technologies 2 Glove Box (PS3106)
4_Glove_Box_Spin_Coater G3P-8 Spin Coater (PS3106)
4_Glove_Box_Thermal_Evaporator COVAP II Angstrom Engineering (PS3106)
BOVIA_Discovery_Materials_Studio_Software BOVIA Discovery Materials Studio Software
CarbonEvaporator Carbon Evaporator (PS2117)
Electrospinner Nanofiber Electrospinner Unit room 5.28, Advanced Materials Laboratory, level 5, Tonsley Building
Nanostructures_Clean_Room_ISO_5 Nanostructures Clean Room (Tonsley 5.26)
NMR400 NMR400 (PS244)
NMR600 NMR600 (PS240)
Solar_Simulator Newport Solar Simulator (PS2106)
TERS Horiba Raman / Nanonics TERS system (Sir Eric Neal Building 352)
Thermal_CVD Tube Furnace / MFC System (PS2100A)

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