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2_Glove_Box Inert Technologies 2 Glove Box (PS3106)
4_Glove_Box_Spin_Coater G3P-8 Spin Coater (PS3106)
4_Glove_Box_Thermal_Evaporator COVAP II Angstrom Engineering (PS3106)
BOVIA_Discovery_Materials_Studio_Software BOVIA Discovery Materials Studio Software
CarbonEvaporator Carbon Evaporator (PS2117)
NanofiberElectrospinnerUnit Nanofiber Electrospinner Unit room 5.28, Advanced Materials Laboratory, level 5, Tonsley Building
Nanostructures_Clean_Room_ISO_5 Nanostructures Clean Room (Tonsley 5.26)
NMR400 NMR400 (PS244)
NMR600 NMR600 (PS240)
Solar_Simulator Newport Solar Simulator (PS2106)
Thermal_CVD Tube Furnace / MFC System (PS2100A)
Group: BiologyPaleoLab
NeoxConfocalMicroscope Neox Confocal Microscope (BS124)
Group: CSETeaching
AAS_GBC_933 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer- GBC933 (PS226)
AAS_GBC_SavantAA Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer - GBCSavantAA (PS226)
CH_Instruments CH Instruments (PS212)
Fluorimeter_VarianCaryEclipse1 Fluorimeter-VarianCaryEclipse (PS224)
Fluorimeter_VarianCaryEclipse2 Fluorimeter-VarianCaryEclipse (PS236)
FTIR_PerkinElmer_Spectrum100 PerkinElmerSpectrum100FTIR (PS236)
FTIRMicroscope_Thermo_iN10MX Nicolet iN10MX IR-Microscope (PS224)
FTIRPerkinElmerFrontier FTIRPerkinElmerFrontier (PS224)
FTIRThermoSummit Thermo Summit FTIR
GasChromatographAgilent6850 Gas Chromatograph-Agilent 6850 (PS226)
GasChromatographAgilent8860 Gas Chromatograph Agilent 8860 (PS226)
GasChromatographShimadzu17A Gas Chromatograph- Shimadzu 17A (PS226)
GCMSAgilent Agilent GCMS (PS226)
GCMSAgilentPyrolyser Agilent GCMS-Pyrolyser (PS226)
HPLCAgilent1200 High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (PS224)
HPLCShimadzu Shimadzu HPLC (PS226)
IonChromatographDionexICS1500 Ion Chromatograph Dionex 1500 with Autosampler (PS224)
LCMS_Thermo_Vanquish Thermo-Vanquish-UHPLC-ISQ-EC MS
Particle_Analyser_Malvern Particle Analyser- Malvern (PS236)
RamanSpectrophotometerDeltaNu633 Raman Spectrophotometer- Delta Nu 633 (PS224)
UV_vis_Spectrophotometer_Cary_60 UV-vis Spectrophotometer-Cary 60 (PS224)
UVvis_NIR_Perkin_Elmer_Lambda_950 UVvis-NIR Perkin Elmer Lambda 950 (PS224)
UVvisSpectrophotometerCary50EST70772 UV-vis Spectrophotometer-Cary 50 (PS236)
Group: Flinders_Microscopy_and_Microanalysis
EmiTech_K75X_Sputter_Coater EmiTech K75X Sputter Coater (PS2117)
FastScan_AFM Dimension ICON/FastScan AFM (Sir Eric Neal Building 352)
FTIR_Bruker_Vertex_80V Bruker Vertex 80V (PS2113)
FTIR_Bruker_Vertex_80V_MIES_insitu FTIR Bruker Vertex 80V MIES insitu
Inspect_FEI_F50_SEM Inspect FEI F50 SEM (PS2117)
MIES Electron Spectroscopy and Ion Scattering Spectroscope (PS2113)
Multimode_Nanoscope_V Multimode Nanoscope V 1 (Sir Eric Neal Building 352)
Multimode_Nanoscope_V_2 Multimode Nanoscope V 2 (Sir Eric Neal Building 352)
NICISS Neutral Impact Collision Ion Scattering Sectroscopy (PS2107)
PHI710ScanningAugerNanoprobe Auger Electron Spectromicroscopy and Secondary Electron Microscopy (PS2109A)
Quorumtech_Dual_Target_Sputter_Coater Quorumtech Q300T-D Dual Target Sputter Coater
Sinterface Surface tension and contact angle measurement (PS2117)
TERS Horiba Raman / Nanonics TERS system (Sir Eric Neal Building 352)
Witec Witec Raman Microscope (Sir Eric Neal Building 352)
X_Ray_Diffractometer Bruker XRD (PS317)
XPS Electron Spectroscopy (PS2109A)
Group: Polymer
DETA2970 TA Instruments DETA2970 Dielectric Analyser (ES124)
DMTA TA Instruments Q800 DMA (ES124)
DSC TA Instruments 2930 DSC (ES124)
DSC8000 Perkin Elmer DSC8000 (ES124)
FTIR Thermo Nicolet Nexus 870 FTIR (ES124)
FTIR_Microscope Thermo NicoletFTIR_Microscope > Continuum IR microscope-Nicolet iS50
Furnace Furnace (ES124)
GPC Waters GPC (ES124)
Instron Instron 4301 Tensile Tester (ES124)
Rheometer TA Instruments RA 2000 rheometer (ES124)
STA Perkin Elmer STA8000 (ES124)
STA449 Netzsch STA449 F5 Jupiter (ES124)
TGA TA Instruments 2950 TGA (ES124)

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